Your support allows us to continue serving as the keystone of Tulsa’s performing arts – thank you!

Sustaining Patrons

  • The Adelson Family Foundation

  • The Avery Family Trust

  • The Albert and Hete Barthelmes Foundation

  • The Margery Mayo Bird Foundation

  • The Herbert and Roseline Gussman Foundation

  • The Helmerich Trust

  • The George Kaiser Family Foundation

  • The Tandy Foundation

  • The C.W. Titus Foundation

  • The Patti Johnson Wilson Foundation

We gratefully acknowledge our Sustaining Patrons, who have given $40,000 or more for at least 3 consecutive years.


The members of the Vivaldi Society make up the core support system of the Tulsa Symphony. This group of distinguished donors is honored annually at a gala black-tie dinner with Tulsa Symphony musicians performing. Each year, members of the Vivaldi Society make a gift of $2,500 or more to the Tulsa Symphony Annual Fund. This fund is crucial to the day-to-day operations of the organization, concert production and presentation of our educational and community outreach programs.


DIAMOND BATON ($100,000+)

  • Adelson Family Foundation
  • Avery Family Trust
  • The Albert and Hete Barthelmes Foundation
  • Margery Mayo Bird Foundation
  • Helmerich Foundation
  • Helmerich Trust
  • Raymond and Bessie Kravis Foundation

Platinum Baton ($50,000-$99,999)

  • The CHANGE Fund
  • Herbert and Roseline Gussman Foundation
  • George Kaiser Family Foundation
  • C.W. Titus Foundation
  • Patti Johnson Wilson Foundation

Principal’s Circle ($25,000-$49,999)

  • John Steele Zink Foundation
  • The Albert and Hete Barthelmes Foundation
  • Mervin Bovaird Foundation
  • Hilti, Inc.

Musician’s Circle ($7,500-$24,999)

  • The Judith and Jean Pape Adams Charitable Foundation
  • Herman Samuel Aubrey Fund
  • Bank of Oklahoma
  • Bumgarner Asset Management, LLC
  • The H.A. and Mary K. Chapman Charitable Trust
  • Commonwealth Foundation
  • Linda S. Feagin
  • Flint Family Foundation
  • The Sharna and Irvin Frank Foundation
  • Pearl M. & Julia J. Harmon Foundation
  • Helmerich Trust
  • Dr. David and Victoria Hurewitz
  • The Herman Kaiser Foundation
  • Gretchen B. Kimball
  • LJS Revocable Trust
  • Edward Lynch
  • The Ralph and Frances McGill Foundation
  • The Meinig Family Foundation
  • James D. and Cathryn M. Moore Foundation
  • ONEOK, Inc.
  • Jim and Sharon Parker
  • Bob and Patricia Parks
  • Ronald and Peggy Predl
  • Susan and Bob Rorschach
  • The Don and Florence Sharp Charitable Foundation
  • Mr. and Mrs. Henry Will
  • Maxine and Jack Zarrow Family Foundation

Vivaldi Circle ($2,500-$7,499)

  • The David and Carol Adelson Family Foundation
  • Roger and Suzanne Ames
  • Apache Corporation
  • Arvest Bank
  • Mary W. Athens
  • Barnett Family Foundation
  • Dr. and Mrs. Roger Blais
  • Rolf and Adele Blom
  • John and Donnie Brock Foundation
  • Arnold and Patricia Brown
  • Ken and Dixie Busby
  • Dr. George and Kari Caldwell
  • Mr. Bryan B Close
  • Commonwealth Foundation
  • William and Ivonne Coppoc
  • David O. Cordell
  • Mr. and Mrs. Frederic Dorwart
  • Terry Doverspike
  • Bill and Marion Elson
  • Toby Fell
  • Dr. Marc and Linda Frazier
  • Barbara and Ron Glass
  • Richard Halliburton
  • Dr. Erwin Janssen
  • Kerr Foundation
  • Joseph Kestner and Anna Norberg
  • Edwin and Lydia B. Kronfeld
  • Patsy L. Lyon
  • Mrs. Robert Millspaugh
  • Barbara and Michel Nelson
  • Evelyn Rayzor Nienhuis
  • Bob and Patricia Parks
  • Robert R. and Kathryn L. Prescott
  • Renee and Matt Pride
  • Dr. Rollie Rhodes
  • Anonymous
  • Hannah and Joe Robson
  • Patricia Pape Savage
  • Joan and Harry Seay
  • Judge Deborah C. Shallcross
  • William H. Shambaugh
  • MaDonna and Donald Smith
  • The Sneed Foundation
  • Barbara and Dave Sylvan
  • Susan and William Thomas
  • Nita Watson
  • Kathleen Patton Westby Foundation
  • The Williams Companies, Inc.
  • Mrs. Jody Williams
  • Kathleen Williams
  • Dr. Timothy and Susan Young

TSO Associates


Sustainer ($1,000-$2,499)

  • Dale and Sue Amstutz
  • Dr. Edwin and Linda Berger
  • Dennis Bires
  • Ray and Linda Booker
  • The Burton Foundation
  • Dr. Bruce and Judith Carrico
  • D’Addario Foundation
  • Fred and Barbara Elder
  • Enterprise Holdings Foundation
  • Mr. and Mrs. John A. Gaberino, Jr.
  • Ramez and Katrine Hakim
  • Mark Halterman, M.D.
  • Anonymous
  • Richard and Ruth Jackson
  • David and Catherine James
  • David and Jennifer Keglovits
  • Dr. Andrew S. Khouw
  • Mr. and Mrs Phillip C. Lauinger, Jr.
  • Frances W. O’Hornett
  • Oklahoma Arts Council
  • Linda and Anthony Ringold
  • Dr. Carolyn and Mr. Danny Roark
  • Ludmila Robson
  • Christopher Rooker
  • Sigma Alpha Iota, Tulsa Chapter
  • A.R. and Marylouise Tandy Foundation
  • Phil and Nancy Tholen
  • Robert S. and Helen Grey Trippet Foundation
  • John and Barbara Turner
  • Mike and Karen Vanschoyck
  • Peter M. Walter
  • Ms. Mollie Willford
  • Dwight and Sharon Yenzer

Supporter ($500-$999)

  • Ms. Sara Arnold
  • Dr. Anthony and Rebecca Bascone
  • Derek Bennett and John Ragan
  • Jan and Dwight Dailey
  • GableGotwals Foundation
  • Dr. William C. Goad
  • Mark A. Goldman and Ray Davis
  • Dr. Andrew Gottehrer
  • Scott and Anne Graham
  • Ann Graves
  • Phil and Nancy Hammond
  • Gregory R. Holt, M.D.
  • Raymond Johnson
  • Robert J. LaFortune
  • Anonymous
  • David and Marjorie Kroll
  • James Monroe
  • Dr. Robert and Christina Morton
  • Annette G. Pringle
  • Jack C. Rea
  • Helen Savage Family
  • Kent and Sue Schobe
  • Stella and Edmund Seiders
  • Charlene and Al Stamps
  • Sabrina and James Taylor
  • Roderick and Carol Tillman
  • Harry and Aileen Todd
  • Michael and Dororthy Tramontana

Fanfare ($250-$499)

  • Dr. and Mrs. Thomas W. Allen
  • Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Adelson
  • Ms. Helen Blake
  • Jack Carney
  • Chelsea Gallery
  • William Coberly
  • Karl Cocke and Linda Mitchell
  • Ms. Sherry Cox
  • Dorothy Craft
  • Joe I. Degen
  • Marc Facci
  • Joe and Colleen Gold
  • Mr. James Howarth
  • John and Lee Major Fund
  • Jenk and Jerri Jones
  • Rick and Amelia Koontz
  • Dietrich and Grace Lannert
  • Dr. and Mrs. Frank S. Letcher
  • Ms. Vicki Lewis
  • Richard and Patricia Lieser
  • John and Lee Major Fund
  • Mr. John Meyer
  • Catherine Mohr
  • Terry and Myrna Monkres
  • Ms. Martha Moore
  • Mrs. Frieda Odell
  • Kathleen and Kenneth Owen, Jr
  • Gary Quiggle
  • Brigitte and Ralph Richter, M.D.
  • Dr. and Mrs. Bernard Robinowitz
  • Wilfred and Jean Sanditen Philanthropic Fund
  • Dr. and Mrs. Bruce Stoesser
  • Andrew Templeton
  • Adrienne Watt
  • Bruce and Jeanette Winkelman
  • Anonymous
  • Ms. Sue Young

Overture ($100-$249)

  • Dr. and Mrs. David Adelson
  • Tim and Janice Airhart
  • Ms. Marilyn S. Anderson
  • Ms. Vera Berlin
  • Gary Betow and Kathleen McKeown
  • Harold Bockelken
  • Mrs. Natalie L. Brundred
  • Barbara Bucchianeri
  • Dr. William and Carol Burnett
  • Mr. and Mrs. Michael Burton
  • Paula Cadogan and David Kucinskas
  • Mrs. Shirley Carle
  • James and Alice Costas
  • Dr. and Mrs. Christopher Covington
  • Stephen and Cindy Craft
  • Gregory and Diane Cunningham
  • Robin and Suzan Dunn
  • EagleEye Royalty Management Company
  • John and Norma Eagleton
  • Ms. Peggy Enlow
  • Diane and George Erbacher
  • Rick Fortner
  • Mr. Robert G. Fry, Jr.
  • Bette Garratt
  • Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Grillot
  • Don and Polly Hamilton
  • Ms. Julia Harper
  • Kathy Henry and Jamie Jamieson
  • Mrs. Barbara F. Henshaw
  • Jane and Stan Johnson
  • Ms. Geraldine Jones
  • Emily and Benjamin Kamp
  • Ms. Martha Kamp
  • Dr. Myron and Jane Katz
  • Dr. Robert Katz and Ann Blakely
  • Judge William C. Kellough
  • Betty Kron
  • Ms. Jeanie KvachAmanda Lawrence
    Mary and Scott Lewis
    Ms. Sue Loomis
    Wallace Love
    Ms. Patricia Lutz
    Deloris McFadden
    Mr. and Mrs. Timothy McFadden
    Margaret McKee
    Mr. Charles McLoughlin
    Betty Sue McNabb
    Thomas and Kathleen Metzler
    Mr. and Mrs. Joseph O’Toole
    Nan and Tom Payne
    Lindsay and Diane Perkins
    Gary Quiggle
    Ms. Amy Roark and Ms. Linda Isham
    Kathleen McFadden Rupprecht
    Donald and Sharon Ryan
    Andrea Schlanger
    Charles F. Scott
    Robert L. and Shirley A. Scott
    Beverly Seay
    Tim and May Sheehan
    Helen Marie and Jerry Sisler
    Edward Slier
    Peggy Gates Smith
    The Swab Foundation
    Betty Swindle
    Ed Van Eman
    Mr. and Mrs. Gary Watts
    Albert Whitehead
    Randi and Fred Wightman
    Martin Wing
    Milton and Diane Wolff
    Emily Wood
    John B. Woods
    Mr. Steven D. Wright
    Rev. Richard and Peggy Ziglar

In-Kind Donations

Amanda Armitage-Gutierrez *
Anne’s Bakery *
Arts and Humanities Council of Tulsa *
Blue Label Bartending **
Brothers Pizza Depot *
Builderhaus of Tulsa *
Kari Caldwell *
Catering by Partyserve **
City of Tulsa Pipes and Drums *
Gina Davis *
Doubletree by Hilton – Warren Place *
Rosemary Dougherty *
Edible Arrangements *
Elote Café and Catering **
Allyson Eskitch *
Paulo Eskitch *
Marc Facci *
Winona  Fifield *
Krassimira Figg *
Dr. Marc and Linda Frazier  *
GableGotwals, Counsel
Garage Media, Inc.
Girouard Vines  **
Golden Saddle BBQ*
Grand Vin Bottle Shop  **
Bart Hall *
Karen Naifeh Harmon *

Nathan Harmon Photography *
Hey Mambo **
Homeward Bound New and Antique Furniture *
Hotel Ambassador *
Jara Herron Medical Spa and Hair Salon *
Jarboe Sales Company *
Erwin Janssen
Ronnamarie Jensen *
Joe Marina Honda *
KWGS – 89.5
KWTU – 88.7
Langdon Publishing
Marshall Brewing Company **
Mazzio’s Corporation *
Eric Minor *
Sheila Naifeh *
Michael Nicholson *
Old Village Wine and Spirits **
Oklahoma Jazz Hall of Fame *
Parkhill  Liquor  **
Carol Pearson
Peggy and Ron Predl *
Putman Wines **
Kathy Rad *
Lisa Reagan *
Raymond Sanchez *

Sephora *
C.A. Segall *
Virginia Talbert *
Laura Talbott *
The Body Shop *
The Chalkboard * **
The Garlic Rose *
The Green Onion *
TiAmo Italian Ristorante *
Toni’s Flowers *
Tulsa Ballet Theater*
Tulsa Camerata *
Tulsa Chamber of Commerce
Tulsa Honors Orchestra *
The New Atlas Grill **
Tulsa Opera *
Tulsa Oratorio Chorus *
Tulsa Rock Quartet *
Tulsa Strings and Violin Shop *
Tulsa World *
Tulsa Zoo *
Henri and Linda Van Dam *
Kara Van Dam *
Liza Villerreal *
Julianna Voth *
Phil Wachowski *
Yokozuna **

Education Community Partnerships

American String Teacher Association
Arts and Humanities Council of Tulsa
Barthelmes Conservatory
Bixby Public Schools
Broken Arrow Community Education
Carnegie Hall Weill Music Institute
Chamber Music Tulsa
Claremore Public Schools
Claremore Symphony League
Deborah Brown Community School
Educarer Tulsa
Holland Hall
Jenks Community Education
LaFortune Community Center
Marquette School
Oklahoma A+ Schools
Oklahoma Aquarium

Oklahoma Arts Council
Oklahoma Jazz Hall of Fame
Opus 118 Harlem School of Music
Owasso Youth Symphony
Resonance, Center for Women, Inc
San Francisco Symphony “Keeping Score”
Sapulpa Public Schools
TACSI – Tulsa Area Community Schools Initiative
Tulsa Air and Space Museum
Tulsa Children’s Museum
Tulsa Community College
Tulsa Honors Orchestra
Tulsa Oratorio Chorus
Tulsa Performing Arts Center Trust
Tulsa Public Schools
Tulsa Youth Symphony
Tulsa Zoo
The University of Tulsa

Musical Instrument Donations

Tulsa Strings Violin Shop *
Tulsa Violin Shop *

In Memoriam

The Symphony appreciates contributions received in memory of:

Thomas L. Ashcraft, M.D., from
Joseph and Anna Norberg Kestner

Margery Mayo Feagin Bird, from
Joseph and Anna Norberg Kestner
Harry and Joan Seay
Tulsa Symphony Board of Directors
Tulsa Symphony Musicians

Robert Maxwell Garratt, from
Dr. Marc and Linda Frazier
Scott and Anne Graham
Joseph W. and Mary O’Toole

W. H. Helmerich, III, from
The Helmerich Trust
Tulsa Symphony Board of Directors

Kay Humphrey, from
Dr. Marc and Linda Frazier

Martin T. Letcher, from
Dr. Marc and Linda Frazier

William McKee, from
A. F. Ringold

D.B “Barry” Rooker, III, from
Dr. Marc and Linda Frazier
Dr. Erv and Maurine Janssen

Ruth Allison Staudt, from
Joseph and Anna Norberg Kestner

Selma Wilner, from
Dr. Marc and Linda Frazier
Gertrude Weisman

In Honor Of

The Symphony appreciates contributions received in honor of:

Linda Frazier, from
Michael and Dorothy Tramontana

* Donors to Education and Community Engagement Programs
** Donors to forte!