Your support allows us to continue serving as the keystone of Tulsa’s performing arts – thank you!

Sustaining Patrons

  • The Adelson Family Foundation

  • The Avery Family Trust

  • The Albert and Hete Barthelmes Foundation

  • The Margery Mayo Bird Foundation

  • The Herbert and Roseline Gussman Foundation

  • The Helmerich Trust

  • The George Kaiser Family Foundation

  • The Tandy Foundation

  • The C.W. Titus Foundation

  • The Patti Johnson Wilson Foundation

We gratefully acknowledge our Sustaining Patrons, who have given $40,000 or more for at least 3 consecutive years.


The members of the Vivaldi Society make up the core support system of the Tulsa Symphony. This group of distinguished donors is honored annually at a gala black-tie dinner with Tulsa Symphony musicians performing. Each year, members of the Vivaldi Society make a gift of $2,500 or more to the Tulsa Symphony Annual Fund. This fund is crucial to the day-to-day operations of the organization, concert production and presentation of our educational and community outreach programs.




Etta May Avery

Margery Mayo Bird Foundation

Coretz Family Foundation

Helmerich Trust



Adelson Family Foundation

The Albert and Hete Barthelmes Foundation

Mervin Bovaird Foundation

Herbert and Roseline Gussman Foundation

George Kaiser Family Foundation

C.W. Titus Foundation

Patti Johnson Wilson Foundation

The Anne and Henry Zarrow Foundation

John Steele Zink Foundation



Arts Alliance Tulsa

Linda S. Feagin

Josephine G. Winter



The Grace and Franklin Bernsen Foundation

Frederic and Nanu Dorwart

Flint Family Foundation

The Sharna and Irvin Frank Foundation


Mrs. Walt Helmerich

William and Gretchen Kimball Fund

Ralph and Frances McGill Foundation

James D. and Cathryn M. Moore Foundation

Oklahoma Arts Council

Ronald and Peggy Predl

QuikTrip Corporation

Charles & Lynn Schusterman Family Foundation

Tulsa Philharmonic Fund

Maxine and Jack Zarrow Family Foundation



Commonwealth Foundation

Barbara and Ron Glass

Bill and Kathy LaFortune

Mr. and Mrs. Edward Lawson

League of American Orchestras

Annette and Kevin Murray

Anna Norberg


Paragon Films for Christ Charitable Trust

Jim and Sharon Parker

Dr. Rollie E. Rhodes

Susan and Bob Rorschach

Joan G. and Harry L. Seay III

Barbara and Dave Sylvan

Susan and Bill Thomas

Kathleen Patton Westby Foundation

Jill and Jeremy Wiese

Randi and Fred Wightman

Kathleen M. Williams

Dr. Timothy and Susan Young



Dr. and Mrs. David Adelson

Dr. and Mrs. Stephen Adelson

Alan and Shelly Armstrong Family Foundation

Roger and Suzanne Ames

Mary W. Athens

Barnett Family Foundation

Dr. Roger N. and Mrs. Mary L. Blais

Rolf E. and Adele Blom

Broadhurst Foundation

Ken and Dixie Busby

Dr. George and Kari Caldwell

Dr. Marc and Linda Frazier

Gelvin Foundation

Ramez and Katrine Hakim

Mrs. Sherye Halliburton

Erv Janssen, M.D.

Magellan Midstream Partners

Katherine I. Magrini

Anne K. and Gordon McCune

Mr. and Mrs. Aaron Milford

Mrs. Robert Millspaugh

Mrs. Sally K. Minshall

Barbara and Michel Nelson

Evelyn Rayzor Nienhuis


Virginia Mayo Ownby Charitable Trust

Renee and Matt Pride

Hannah and Joe Robson

Rotary Club of Tulsa Foundation

Judge Deborah C. Shallcross

The Sneed Foundation

Robert S. and Helen Grey Trippet Foundation


Our corporate partners benefit from visibility and brand awareness through TSO marketing materials as well as hospitality benefits for their employees. For more information about our Corporate Council, please contact Angela Carter at 918.584.3645 ext. 221 or





TSO Associates


Sustainer ($1,000-$2,499)

Mr. and Mrs. Vic Alonzi

Mr. and Mrs. Jonathan Ballard

Robin Ballenger

Barbara Bates

Marian and Dennis Bires

Ray and Linda Booker

The Burton Foundation

Dr. Bruce and Judith Carrico

Mr. and Mrs. Sam Daniel

Fred and Barbara Elder

Mr. Shane Gilley and Ms. Lauren Houston

Dr. Andrew Gottehrer

Mr. and Mrs. Felipe Guzman

Richard and Ruth Jackson

The Herman Kaiser Foundation

Judge and Mrs. William C. Kellough

Dr. and Mrs. Paul W. Kempe

Betty Kron

Latshaw Drilling Company, LLC

Mr. and Mrs. Phillip C. Lauinger, Jr.

Mr. and Mrs. Mike E. Lodes

Robert and Kathryn Prescott Family Charitable Fund

Sand Springs Symphony League

Patricia Pape Savage

Stella and Edmund J. Seiders

MaDonna S. and Donald G. Smith

A.R. and Marylouise Tandy Foundation

Dustin M. Thames and Christy Craig

Patricia W. Wheeler

Mike and Karen Vanschoyck

Ron Wheeler

Mrs. Diane Wolff

Dwight and Sharon Yenzer

Dr. and Mrs. Hooby Yoon


Supporter ($500-$999)

Dale and Sue Amstutz

Ms. Sara Arnold

Dr. and Mrs. Ray M. Balyeat

Rolf E. and Adele Blom

Citgo Petroleum Corporation

William A. Coberly

Karl E. Cocke

Anne Graham

Phil and Nancy Hammond

Mr. and Mrs. Jono Helmerich

Marlo Louise Holly

Raymond Johnson

David E. and Jennifer J. Keglovits

Andrew Khouw, M.D.

Rick and Amelia Koontz

David and Marjorie Kroll

Lonnie and Jean Liggitt


Dr. and Mrs. David Merifield

Mr. Lyndon Meyer

James Monroe

Scott M. and Debra L. Morgan

Dr. Robert and Mrs. Christina Morton

Mrs. Robert Z. Naifeh

Mr. and Mrs. Victor Neal

Mr. and Mrs. Ryan Pixley

Dr. and Mrs. Bernard Robinowitz

Mark and Laura Ross

Helen Savage Family

Kent F. and Sue Schobe

The Swab Foundation

Ed and Lanelle Tackett

The Carol Tandy Foundation

Andrew Templeton

John and Barbara Turner

Mrs. Frieda Vereecken

Mr. Warren and Ms. Nasreddine

Mr. and Mrs. Henry Will

Emily Wood

Wallace Wozencraft and Claudia Casey


Fanfare ($250-$499)

Mitch and Melinda Adwon

Tony and Charlie Atzbach

The Bama Companies

Amanda Bretz

Arnold and Patricia Brown

Dr. Maria Super and Mr. Caleb Brown

Dr. William and Carol Burnett

Suzie Bynum

Paula Cadogan and David Kucinskas

Jack and Vallie Carney

Dr. Angela and Dr. David Carter

Marguerite A. Chapman

Mr. Tom Clark and Dr. Jennifer Gibbens

Ryan Conley and Mary Anne Ahluwalia-Conley

James L. and Jeannette Craig

Ms. Michelle Farabough

Mr. and Mrs. Scott Filstrup

Dorothy Frie

Mr. and Mrs. James Howarth

Ms. Alana Hughes

Dr. David S. and Mrs. Victoria E. Hurewitz

Marilyn Inhofe-Tucker and Ralph Tucker

Kenneth and Diane Jackson

Jamie Jamieson and Kathy Henry

Stan & Jane Johnson

Emily and Benjamin Kamp

Mr. David Karimian

John and Jennifer LaFortune

Robert J. LaFortune

Mr. and Mrs. R. Dobie Langenkamp

Dietrich and Grace Lannert

Mark F. and Allison Lauinger


Adam J. and Hayli A. Leavitt

Richard and Patricia Lieser

Mr. and Mrs. Howard Lister

Ms. Molly Longstreth

Mr. Pat Malloy and Ms. Karen Keith

Jamie McCoy

Sally and Jean McCoy

Mr. and Mrs. Matthew McCready

Dr. Joseph and Nancy M. McDonald

Mr. and Mrs. Charles Meckfessel

Karen Miller

Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Moran

Vincent And Rosamond “Posy” Mulford Fund

Annette G. Pringle

Gary Quiggle

Amanda Reid

Greg Landburg and Derrick Ryan

Wilfred and Jean Sanditen Philanthropic Fund

Jim and Maureen Singleton

Stanfield & O’Dell

Carol Tandy Foundation

Adrienne Watt Nesser

Martin R. Wing

Ms. Sue Young


Overture ($100-$249)

Mr. and Mrs. Bob Alexander

Dr. and Mrs. Thomas W. Allen

Marilyn S. Anderson

Mr. H.C. Bailey

Dr. Anthony and Rebecca Bascone

Jarrett Bastow and Joseph Beesley

Ms. Vera Berlin

Harold E. Bockelken

Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Bolzle

Ron and Lorraine Brenton

Ethel Mae Brown

Mr. and Mrs. Dan L. Call, Jr.

Roberta Carr

Mr. and Mrs. Ron Carter

Charles and Angela Chang

William and Ivonne Coppoc

James and Alice Costas

Dr. and Mrs. Christopher Covington

Stephen M. and Cindy L. Craft

Mr. and Mrs. Glenn Day

Sand Springs Public Schools Cabinet

Paula Eggert

Mr. and Mrs. Dick Fairfield

Ms. Nancy Farmer

Jim and Charo Fitch

Bette Garratt

Mr. and Mrs. Clyde C. Glandon

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Grillot

Aliya Hargrave

Ed and Janet Harrington

Randy and Patty Heckenkemper

Mrs. Katie Hertz

William Ivy and Eileen Kenney

Dr. and Mrs. Myron Katz

Hilary Kitz

Kravis Center for the Performing Arts

Mark and Jessi Krzmarick

Arthur J. and Jacqueline Henzel Lasky

Jerry and Virginia Ledoux

Sue Loomis

Dr. Wallace B. Love


Patsy L. Lyon

Thomas E. and Debra Madaj

John and Lee Major


Jon McGrath

William McKee Family

Charles and Jayne McLoughlin

Mr. Jay Minor

Ms. Judith Ann Miron

Don and Nancy Nelson

Senator Joe Newhouse

Wilson Ochoa

Nan and Tom Payne

Tim and Kathleen Phoenix

Terry and Charity Pollak

Mr. and Mrs. Rodger Randle

Ms. Charlotte Rhea

Ms. Lynn Richmond

Donald and Sharon Ryan

Ms. Karen Ryan

John and Sarah-Anne Schumann

Charles F. Scott

Beverly L. Seay

Mr. and Mrs. James Seebass

Steven Seikel

Stephen and Dayna Smith

Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Smolen

Sharon and Thomas Sowell

Mr. Ron Spigelman and Ms. Laura Woods

Sidney and Caroline Swinson

Carol Tillman

Ed Van Eman

Peter M. Walter

Mr. and Mrs. Gary Watts

Ginny Young

Rev. Richard and Peggy Ziglar

In Memoriam

The Symphony appreciates contributions received in memory of:

Marian Clark, from
Ms. Leah Eckenwiler

Dwight Dailey, from
Ms. Margaret McKee
Ron and Peggy Predl

Mrs. Aida C. Facci, from
Dr. Erwin Janssen
Darcey and Joe Moran

David Jordan, from
George and Judy Baldridge
Gerald and Katherine Casper
James and DeAnn Deibert
Sue Harper Ice
James and Barbara Wiebe
U.S. Custom Harvesters

Dr. Joseph A. Kestner, from
Rolf and Adele Blom
Lynn Richmond

George Kravis, II, from
Kravis Center for the Performing Arts

Ted Kronfeld, from
Joan and Harry Seay

Jerrold Lawless, from
Mr. and Mrs. Donald Smith

Dr. Frank S. Letcher, from
MaDonna and Donald Smith

Dr. William McKee, from
William McKee Family

Peter C. Meinig, from
Dr. Marc and Linda Frazier

Malabika Sen, from
MaDonna and Donald Smith

Evelyn Washburn, from
Rev. Richard and Peggy Ziglar
Maria Taveau

Patti Johnson Wilson, from
Frederick and Judith Koontz

In Honor Of

The Symphony appreciates contributions received in honor of:

Nan Brown, from
Dr. Maria Super and Mr. Caleb Brown

Ken Busby, from
Rick and Amelia Koontz

Theresa Collins, from
Ana Maria Lloyd Jones

David and Vicki Hurewitz’s 50th Wedding Anniversary, from
Andrew Gottehrer

Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Lewis, from
Mrs. Nancy Haswell

Rich Lieser, Jr., from
Richard and Patricia Lieser

Mr. Timothy McFadden, from
Mr. Wilson Ochoa

Mr. Charles McLoughlin, from
Mrs. Jayne McLoughlin

Debra Morgan, from
Robert E. and Jan Eckardt Butler

Anna Norberg, from
Vincent and Rosamond “Posy” Mulford Fund

Amy Roark, from
Larry and Cheryl Chambers
Mr. Danny and Dr. Carolyn Roark

Harry and Joan Seay, from
Ms. Bette Garratt