Pops III:
Home Grown

a fresh bouquet of Oklahoma talent

Get up close and personal with our Home Grown event, featuring Oklahoma musicians. This intimate concert will make you feel like you never left the comforts of your home – literally! A living room setting will be placed in front of the stage, allowing performers to casually sit and enjoy the event until performing themselves only steps away.

Unique pieces within the performance will include a piccolo and tuba duet, a trumpet duet, and other collaborations among Tulsa Symphony Orchestra soloists and other Oklahoma artists. Harmony Project Tulsa and Tulsa Oratorio will join in the fun, resulting in a unique assortment of performances.

Ron Spigelman, Guest Conductor
Annie Ellicott, Jazz Vocalist
Clark Gibson, Saxophone
Steve Haefner, Trumpet
Dana Higbee, Piccolo
Tim McFadden, Trumpet
Jarrod Robertson, Tuba
Barron Ryan, Piano
Richard Ramey, Bassoon
Susie Brown, Bassoon
Richard Bobo, Bassoon

*Childcare Available

Saturday, May 12, 2018 | 7:30 PM