The Celebrate Campaign recognizes our remarkable city, highlights our unique symphony, and celebrates the diverse ways we work together to build our community.

Tulsa’s visionary philanthropists established and championed the music in and of our community. A city unlike any other, Tulsa is a mix of the wildcat well-driller and cultural world traveler. And just like the unique city in which it thrives, Tulsa Symphony Orchestra is a bold model fashioned to blend the old world and new, built with ingenuity, individual sweat equity and collective investment. TSO’s innovative structure, integrating the musicians into all levels of governance, board, committees, and staff, is entirely unique to Tulsa This 21st-century structural model coupled with Tulsa Symphony’s commitment to service is custom built for this community.

For the past ten years Tulsa Symphony Orchestra has been entertaining, educating, inspiring, and creating a tradition of service to the community, and we would like to thank you for your confidence, support, and encouragement.

Now, to ensure sustainability and future growth of our programs, we are asking you to help us meet the increasing needs of the community—needs which currently exceed our present resources.

Tulsa Symphony invites you to join our celebration by actively supporting our vision, and help us serve more students, provide more free performances, visit more hospitals, and continue presenting the professional caliber of artistic excellence our audiences have come to expect.

Every contribution to the Celebrate Campaign impacts and supports the community we’re building together.

Tulsa Symphony’s celebration is Tulsa’s celebration, and everyone’s invited!